I’m Ethan, and I’m currently working on Indigov and Happy Healthy. In the past, I’ve been the CTO or VP Engineering at Independent Journal Review, Bold (co-founder), America Rising, Clear (co-founder), Right to Rise PAC, Hipster (co-founder), and Honest.

I’ve been coding for as long as I can remember, but before I became serious about it, I spent several years working odd jobs as a waiter, at Radio Shack, as a TV body double and extra, and more. I dropped out of college 3 times, changed my major 4 times, and didn’t graduate until I was 25. But you know, a lot of people go to college for 7 years.

I was infamously fired from a Presidential campaign because, years ago, I tweeted some jokes that weren’t campaign-appropriate lacked a certain finesse. I apologized profusely and was thoroughly embarrassed, and even made an app that would prevent my situation from happening to others.

But you know what? Looking back on it, some of my jokes were pretty funny (some were not), and the awful terms that were used to describe me were/are so incredibly inaccurate, that I wish I would have stuck up for myself more at the time. Oh well.

You can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.